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Omicron is growing its client base and with that growth are opportunities for experienced personnel and interns to join our team. Check out our current opportunities.


Omicron Development LLC is an industry-leading technical consulting firm focused on process industries using a data historian. We are in growth mode and looking for talented people ranging from .NET Architect/Senior Programmer with strong experience to Intern. This is a collaborative environment where you will have the opportunity to grow quickly as the firm continues to invest heavily in all of its technology initiatives and broadens its diverse customer base. 

Typical projects involve .NET development to fill the gaps between – and extend the capabilities of – the software offerings of Microsoft and OSIsoft. We often venture into areas where other consulting firms do not have the product skills or experience to succeed.  We have built a reputation as the firm to hire to clean up what others have left behind.  Our staff includes personnel who have made a deep imprint on some of the products around which we consult. 

Omicron Development LLC is a privately-held company headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ. Omicron is an OSIsoft partner specializing in OSIsoft PI system integration and custom software for the process automation industry with customers around the world.  Omicron’s clients include some of the largest manufacturers in the world in areas that include: Oil & Gas, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Materials, Mines, Metals & Metallurgy, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Life Sciences, Pulp & Paper, and Power & Utilities.

Based in Cherry Hill, NJ, we perform most of our work remotely in the office. 

If you are interested in a career with Omicron, please fill out the Omicron Job Application form and email it to:

We are currently looking for candidates to fill the following job descriptions:

Benefits Include:

  • Competitive Base Salary
  • Great company culture
  • Bonuses based on the firm’s profitability
  • Comprehensive Benefits Package
  • 401k
  • Flexibility  


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